• Dear John,


    Opened the parcel last night it is beautiful and better than the photos, Alexander will be so proud on his birthday.  Thanks for everything.


    Kind regards



  • Hi John,

    I was very touched to be presented with this last Saturday by the Senior Women's Squad at Marlow - it is an amazing gift and I am blown away by the workmanship and quality - a brilliant piece of work!

    Andy, Marlow

  • Thank you for everything you did with the oar. I gave it to Mike over this weekend, and he was truly stunned by it.

    He made a point to phone me the next day, to say that he was floored by the quality and accuracy of the engineering. We had an interesting time discussing how you made all the parts. . .  

    Robert, Southampton

  • Hi John,
    The two blades just arrived and they look fantastic. Thank you so much for such an amazing product

    Michael, Croydon

  • Hi John,
    The blade arrived today. Just had a look and it looks awesome! Thank You!

    Rich, Surrey

  • Dear John,

    Just to say many thanks for the rowing plaque which I can’t wait to give to Michael on Christmas day.

    It looks amazing!

    Shelagh, Teddington

  • Hi John. I am so pleased with your production that I would like you to produce a identical second. Can you do that in the near future?

    Alan, Dunfermline

  • Hi John,
    We just received the oar plaque. We are very happy with the way it turned out! It is absolutely beautiful. I would like to thank you for your kind service and extremely fast delivery! The entire board is really enthousiastic about your work!
    Thanks again!
    Kind regards,

    Arden, Proteus-Eretes