1/4 Scale Model Rowing Oar (Acrylic blade)

1/4 Scale Model Rowing Oar

These miniature rowing oars make fantastic regatta or head-race trophies as well as cherished commemorative gifts for keen rowers and ex-rowers, They are made to enhance any trophy collection with high quality finish and attention to detail. 

Features include:

  • Super-glossy custom airbrushed acrylic blades. (Custom detail on one side only)
  • Carbon fibre rowing oar shafts
  • Maple wood handles.

To purchase please confirm feasibility of your colour scheme as there are limitations with the method employed. If you see your chosen colour scheme in any of the images within this listing feel free to go ahead and purchase. Turn around is around 7 - 10 days. Please follow your purchase with an email confirming the team and blade shape preference you have, the following blade shapes are available:

  • Concept2 Plain Edge
  • Concept2 Vortex Edge
  • Concept2 Fat2
  • Crocker Slick  

If you don't see your colour scheme listed please email your details to john@modelboathouse.com. You can either send in good clear photos you have taken of the blade face/back or if you are happy with the illustrations on Oarspotter this can also be a good guide I can work to. 

    Oar length = approx. 93cm