Macon Rowing Pair - Custom Colours

The Macon Pair Plaque features two ¼ scale mounted macon style oars closely modelled on the Concept2 version of this paddle. The oar shafts are carbon fibre, the paddle is fabricated out of steel and the handle from maple wood. The collar and sleeve components are machined from Acetal, an engineering grade polymer. The oars are then mounted with machined brass fixtures on a solid English oak board which is hand rubbed to a lovely gloss shine. 

On the underside of the board are brass fixings so that the plaque can be hung on the wall. At each corner are foam pads so that the plaque can be sat on a level surface if desired. 

Due to the customised nature of the product the production time is 2-3 weeks 

** The paddles can generally be airbrushed in the colour scheme of your choice however please get in touch using the contact from the menu above prior to ordering to confirm the details. **

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