Schaublin 70
The Swiss made Schaublin 70 is the main tool for fabricating parts for the oar plaques and other workshop tools. It has the power to machine hard material such as stainless steel with ease and the precision to make repeat units to very high tolerance. The lever operated cross slides shown here certainly help with some of the repetitive operations and it will later be equipped with an overhead drive for milling work on the lathe. 
Cowell's Vertical Mill
The Cowell's VM is made in England and has been invaluable in the workshop. Geared towards small scale model engineering its used for production machining as well as making small tools. 
Cameron Drill Press
No workshop would be complete without a drill press and true to scale this delightful tool certainly earns its place. Equipped with a collet spindle to minimise runout it allows for accurate drilling. Feedback through the handle is pleasing and reassuring of progress.   
Plasma Cutting Table
The steel paddles having been designed on CAD software are cut on a plasma cutting machine at a local engineering firm. This ensures consistency and enables us to provide a range of different paddle shapes. If there is a shape you'd like but haven't seen on our product pages ask us and we'll try to get the design scaled and incorporated into your plaque.
For the paintwork we use Anest Iwata airbrush and spray gun equipment. These provide beautiful atomisation of the paint and enable a superior paint finish. 
We use Createx Auto-air Colours custom automotive paint for the paddle paint work. These are water based, high quality non-toxic coatings made in the USA and achieve a brilliant durable paint job. The top finish is a 2-pack epoxy clear coat which is high gloss and has good level of scratch resistance.  
Colour matching and mixing is assisted with Ral swatch cards so we can pretty much match any colour you require for your plaque. 
Rowers know their sport better than anyone else and we couldn't claim to be passionate about our product without feeling what its like to finish a lengthy session on one of these!