***FREE SHIPPING on Rowing and Sculling plaques for (UK) customers!! ***

***FREE SHIPPING on Rowing and Sculling plaques for (UK) customers!! ***

(1-) Rowing Single - Model Oar Trophy Plaque.

 Summary features:

  • Bow or stroke side configuration.
  • Steel paddles each modelled on your chosen blade shape and airbrushed to your chosen colour scheme. 
  • Polished carbon fibre tapered oar shaft.
  • English Oak mounting board hand rubbed to a high gloss finish.
  • Expertly engraved with club insignia and crew details. 
  • Ready to hang with brass mounting fixtures and foam corner feet on the under side. 
  • Bespoke packaging. 
  • Dimensions (CM)  - H x W x D  =  13.5 x 102 x 3.5.
  • Perfect gift for rowers, competition prizes or clubhouse wall decorations.

Ordering instructions:

Prior to ordering please contact us to confirm feasibility of the rowing blade colour scheme and insignia if engraving it is required.

It would be helpful if you can provide photos of the face and back and also a digital image of the insignia in vector format (although this isn't crucial). Please email these to: john@modelboathouse.com  

On receiving confirmation you would then be free to order here after choosing from the option drop down menus above.

  1. Blade side
  2. Blade shape (see below)
  3. Centre plate option. 

We aim to complete orders within 3-4 weeks and will keep you updated on the progress.  

Centre Plate Options:

These can be with either a polished silver or black anodised finish. For high detail graphics we can also provide colour printed aluminium plates in high resolution. 

Artwork is put together in house with draft images provided along the way so you know exactly what you'll be getting.

Blade shape: 

Concept2 - Fat2 
Concept2 Smoothie2 Vortex Edge
Concept2 Smoothie2 Plain Edge
Concept2 Macon Blade
Croker Oars - Slick Rowing Blade 


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